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Who Are We? Our history

We are a Hispanic-Canadian business platform that develops medicinal cannabis projects. Our company consists of three main divisions: legal, industrial and agronomic. We specialize in Turn Key Projects, comprehensive 360º medicinal cannabis projects where we manage, coordinate, and advise on the entire project process, from certification to product sales and monitoring.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have completed projects all over the world, primarily in the United States and Canada.
We help our clients achieve their business goals, develop projects tailored to their needs and preferences, and enter an industry that is revolutionizing the global economy. We bring all our knowledge, experience, and passion to our clients’ projects, who trust us and establish long-lasting and meaningful relationships.


Culture of innovation: breaking barriers in the cannabis industry

At CannaPro, we strive to provide effective and robust solutions that enhance people’s quality of life, always going the extra mile. This is our culture.


Facilitate access to medicinal cannabis and contribute to people’s well-being through solid and effective projects. Our core purpose is to improve people’s quality of life by offering innovative and real solutions in the sector that are accessible to everyone.


Provide comprehensive and personalized services at all stages of medicinal cannabis projects, from design and planning to production and marketing. We are committed to delivering quality solutions based on regulatory and scientific standards and building lasting relationships with our clients and collaborators.


To be the global reference in the medicinal cannabis industry, recognized for the excellence of our projects, specialized guidance, and continuous innovation. Through our commitment to quality, research, and development, we strive to transform the perception of medicinal cannabis, its impact on people’s health, and accessibility. Our determination and passion drive us to shape a future where medicinal cannabis is accessible to all and valued as an effective and safe solution.



These values are fundamental to our corporate culture and guide us in every aspect of our work. They help us maintain high standards of quality, build strong relationships with our clients and collaborators, and be leaders in the medicinal cannabis industry.


We seek excellence in everything we do, from the quality of our services to customer satisfaction. We strive to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional results in every project.


We act with honesty, ethics, and transparency in all our operations and business relationships. We maintain high standards of professional conduct and fulfill our promises.


We encourage creativity and innovation in finding solutions and continuously improving our projects and services. We stay updated with the latest trends and advancements in the field of medicinal cannabis to offer cutting-edge and customized solutions for each project because every project is unique.


We promote teamwork, collaboration, and mutual respect both internally and with our clients and partners. We value the diversity of ideas and experiences and believe in the synergy that arises from working together and collaborating on new proposals.


At CannaPro, we take responsibility for all our actions and decisions. We are committed to complying with relevant regulations in all aspects of our projects, services, and actions, ensuring environmental protection and positive contributions to society. For us, responsibility is an ongoing commitment that drives us to be at the forefront of technology and sustainability, advancing toward a better future.


Our business philosophy is built on our purpose of improving lives through medicinal cannabis, guided by our values of excellence, integrity, innovation, collaboration, and responsibility, through our mission to provide comprehensive and personalized services at every stage of the process. At CannaPro, we are committed to leading the industry with quality, real solutions, driving scientific advancement, and contributing to people’s well-being, making it accessible to all. Together, we are transforming the world through the potential of medicinal cannabis.

Every project is unique

At CannaPro, we provide completely personalized consultations for each client because every project requires meticulous attention to detail, which characterizes us as advisors and an expert team.

Medicinal cannabis projects require a lot of coordination and cohesion among the team involved in them, in addition to relevant certifications and licenses. At CannaPro, we make our industrial platform available to our clients, so there are no concerns in this regard, and the process is as smooth as possible, ensuring quality standards in every service we offer.


Our partners

Customs & Borders

Specialist in customs and international conflicts, dedicated to bureaucratic processing for export, import and bureaucratic processing for export, import and transit processes of goods. Its range of action in relation to the national market is global.

INGELYT, Engineering and Facilities

A Spanish company with over 25 years of experience in designing, engineering, and installing clean rooms for various industries, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics, biotechnology, aerospace, and others requiring controlled environments.

Medical Plants

Combining over 25 years of experience in premium tomato cultivation with medicinal cannabis production, leveraging similarities in growing conditions. Their solid foundation ensures quality and expertise in this industry.

Budfarma LDA

Part of our business platform based in Lisbon, Portugal, is a global medicinal cannabis company known for its unique focus on large-scale cannabis cultivation, harnessing climatic conditions to produce safe and effective solutions for patients.


Forchronic specializes in high-precision nutraceuticals, known for its patented lipidic vehiculation technology (TVL), which increases the bioavailability of natural extracts.

The Best Grow

A leading provider of technical solutions for the cannabis and hemp industry in South Africa. They offer their customers the most advanced technologies and creative products, empowering them to thrive and develop in the industry.


A professional security company specialized in projects that require extraordinary and optimal control and security measures for the type of products companies are manufacturing. They conduct thorough analyses of facilities for the implementation of security processes and monitoring.

Lapeyra & Taltavull

Representatives of machinery and machinery installation are leaders in their sectors, focusing on printing and manufacturing packaging, primarily for the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, and food industries, among others.

Izasa Scientific

Laboratories specialized in innovative and state-of-the-art research through scientific instrumentation and industrial quality control. The team provides support and assistance to all projects and necessary commercial and after-sales services.

General Electric (GE Current)

Professionals in designing, supplying, and installing lamps and lighting fixtures with a focus on innovative controls and software applications. The development and implementation of this technology have been a significant advancement for any research project.

Shimadzu (GMP Laboratory Tools)

An internationally renowned Japanese manufacturer specializing in precision instruments, measurement, and medical equipment.

Aptus Plant Tech

The most technologically innovative plant fertilizer and nutrient brand on the market. Their laboratories have created dozens of products covering all agricultural fields and phases.

EFC Spain

EFC Spain introduces its Dynamic Certification model, which includes a personalized analysis based on the WWT. Start your project fully advised by our team and with the full availability of our business platform. We want to help you achieve your goals and accompany you in the process of your medicinal cannabis project.

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