Turn key project, design your 360º medicinal cannabis project

Develop the complete medicinal cannabis project with everything you need by accessing the business platform you require.

Comprehensive solutions for medicinal cannabis projects

Turn Key Projects are complete experiences in which you get a full medicinal cannabis project advised and coordinated by industry professionals, from the business plan to the sale and monitoring of the final product.

At CannaPro, we help you “turn the key” to the experience where you will achieve all your business objectives, exponential profitability, and enter a new and expanding sector like medicinal cannabis.

proyectos llave en mano cannabis medicinal

Develop and optimize your medicinal cannabis project with cannapro

proyectos 360

360º Project

Complete planning with our platform of professionals and experts at your disposal, ensuring your medicinal cannabis project. Design every last detail with our consultations to put your medicinal cannabis project into action.

Certificados y lilcencias

Certifications and Licenses

Obtaining all legal requirements regulated by authorities such as the Spanish Medicines Agency (AEMPS). We will assist you in administrative procedures and license processing required to start your activities; our legal division will accompany you every step of the way.

produccion personalizada

Customized Production

Designing a high-performance production system tailored to your needs, ensuring the highest product quality. We adapt to what you need, and that’s why we plan and organize everything according to your requirements.

Seguridad en las instalaciones

Facility Security

Organization and coordination of perimeter surveillance and access controls, providing security according to AEMPS requirements.

aesoramiento legal integral

Comprehensive Legal Advice

Consultations and legal assistance available 24/7 for all necessary processes or circumstances that may arise.

plataforma empresarial

Multidisciplinary Platform

All our experts and network of professionals are available to ensure the success of your medicinal cannabis project. You’ll have the support you need at all times.

Our turnkey projects, from idea to market

Medicinal cannabis cultivation and production: a promising future

At CannaPro, we specialize in planning, designing, and executing high-quality medicinal cannabis cultivation. From selecting genetics and advanced cultivation systems to harvesting and processing, we offer a comprehensive approach that ensures efficient and safe production of medicinal cannabis. Discover how we are contributing to the industry’s growth and how our projects can be the foundation for a promising future in the cannabis sector.

experiencia y colaboracion en la industria del cannabis medicinal
productos de cannabis medicinal

Transforming cannabis into high-quality medicinal products

Our TURN KEY PROJECTS service starts with cultivation and continues with the extraction and processing of cannabis to create high-quality medicinal products. Explore how we use cutting-edge technologies and rigorous quality standards to turn crops into oils, extracts, and other market-ready products. Seize the opportunities in this rapidly growing market and find out how CannaPro can guide the way to successful production and sale of medicinal cannabis products.

Expanding horizons in medicinal cannabis sales

The medicinal cannabis market is booming, and at CannaPro, we are here to help you capitalize on this opportunity. From defining marketing and sales strategies to distribution and effective marketing of your products, our TURN KEY PROJECTS service covers the entire lifecycle of your medicinal cannabis products. Discover how we are driving our clients’ growth in this expanding market and how we can help you build a fruitful future in the sale of medicinal cannabis products, taking your project from seed and genetics to the finish line.


Our methodology in medicinal cannabis projects

Situation Analysis and Initial Diagnosis Dossier Preparation

Planning and Custom Design Based on Preliminary Diagnosis

Specification of Production Objectives and Manufacturing Processes to Follow

Definition of Equipment and Cultivation Units

Design and Definition of Plans According to Established Processes

Formalization of Relations with Involved Parties

Organization of Distribution, Sales, and After-Sales Methods

Technification of a medicinal cannabis project

At CannaPro, we take medicinal cannabis production to the next level with our advanced technification. Do you want to be part of this revolution in the medicinal cannabis industry? Here’s how:


Project development based on business plan:

Design a project that aligns with your business objectives and ensures efficient and profitable production.


Identification and evaluation of required certifications:

Determine and evaluate the required certifications, such as GACP, ISO, GAP, and GMP EU, to comply with regulations and quality standards.

planificacion de cultivos certificados

Planning certified cultivation processes:

Design cultivation processes that comply with the selected certifications, ensuring quality and safety.

seleccion de proveedores cualificados

Selection of qualified suppliers:

Choose suppliers that meet the necessary quality and safety standards.

auditorias preparatorias para certificaciones

Preparatory audits for certifications:

Prepare internal audits to ensure that processes meet certification requirements.


Supervision of technical team and specialized labor:

Supervise and train the technical team and specialized labor to comply with established protocols.

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proyectos llave en mano cannabis medicinal

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