Cannapro agronomic division: Cultivating success in medicinal cannabis

Ensure the germination and growth of your project, achieve your business goals, and revolutionize the future.

Powering the future of medicinal cannabis through cultivation

At CannaPro, we have our Agronomic Division, a specialized department for the control and development of medicinal cannabis crops. Our team of agronomic experts applies high-performance methodologies and essential tools to ensure the success of each project. From genetic selection to the implementation of nutritional plans and production and harvest schedules, we focus on optimizing every aspect of cultivation to achieve exceptional results.

potenciando el futuro del cannabis medicinal

Boost your project with our agronomic difivision

Certificados y lilcencias

Up-to-Date Certifications and Licenses

Obtain certifications and licenses in accordance with GMP EU, GACP, and ISO Regulations. We handle all the necessary documents for the launch and commercialization, ensuring compliance with the regulations established by the authorities.

Asistencia 24-7

24/7 Assistance

Our highly trained legal team is at your disposal, no matter the situation that may arise in the process. We are here to help you and provide quick and effective solutions.

plataforma empresarial

Business Platform

Our CannaPro business platform includes a network of agronomic specialists who are at your disposal to provide the support and knowledge needed for each stage of your project. We are committed to helping you achieve success in cannabis cultivation.

Atencion 24-7

Your Support

We are always here for you, with support available 24 hours a day, through any communication platform, online or in person. We want to help you reach your goals and provide the support you need.

Formacion especializada

Specialized Training

We drive the growth of your project through specialized training. We provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to take your cannabis cultivation to the next level.

asesoria de calidad y auditorias para mejora de tu negocio de cannabis medicional

Quality Consulting and Audits

Our team conducts detailed project studies, environmental investigations, and specialized substrate and traceability analyses. Our consulting services are designed to ensure the quality of the final product and its successful evolution.

proveedores de confianza

Trusted Suppliers

We work with high-quality suppliers, ensuring traceable seeds authorized by the European Union, as well as specific materials, machinery, and techniques for cannabis production.

colaboracion y transparencia

Collaboration and Transparency

We accompany you at every step of the project, working together to achieve your goals. Transparency is essential to us; we offer clarity and honesty to our clients so they can make informed decisions effectively.

Experts in medicinal cannabis cultivation

At CannaPro, we have a highly trained team of agronomic experts dedicated to enhancing medicinal cannabis cultivation. Our specialists have a deep understanding of climatic conditions and factors influencing plant development, allowing us to design personalized agronomic strategies that maximize crop yield and quality.

Registered medicinal cannabis genetics and trusted suppliers

Selecting the right genetics and working with trusted suppliers is fundamental to the success of any agronomic project. In the CannaPro business platform, we work with registered genetics of the highest quality and trusted suppliers with extensive experience in the industry. Our expertise allows us to advise on the best varieties of medicinal cannabis for each project.

potenciando el futuro del cannabis medicinal

Nutritional plans and production and harvest schedules

Optimizing nutrition is crucial for the optimal development of medicinal cannabis crops. Our agronomic experts design and customize plans based on the project’s needs and the client, ensuring the proper supply of nutrients at each stage of plant growth and the required climate control. Additionally, we establish production and harvest schedules to achieve consistent and high-quality yields.

Efficiency and sustainability

At CannaPro, we focus on the efficiency and sustainability of medicinal cannabis cultivation. Our agronomic service includes environmentally friendly practices and innovative technologies that minimize resource usage and maximize crop performance. We take pride in contributing to the development of a responsible and sustainable medicinal cannabis industry.


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