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Our professionals are available 24/7 for any inquiries you may have. Receive the service you’ve been looking for your cannabis project.

Our legal division, available experts

At CannaPro, our Legal Division is dedicated to providing the necessary legal support for your success in the cannabis industry.

At CannaPro, our Legal Division is dedicated to providing the necessary legal support for your project in the cannabis industry to be successful. We have a specialized team well-versed in the regulations and legislation surrounding medicinal cannabis, CBD, and industrial hemp.

equipo especializado en la normativa legal del cannabis medicinal
tramitacion de licencias aemps cis

Experience in processing and obtaining licenses

Our experience in obtaining licenses and collaborating with entities such as the Spanish Medicines Agency (AEMPS), the CIS, and other institutions allows us to provide comprehensive and personalized advice for each case.

Available 24/7 for our clients.

Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for our clients. Our highly trained experts are well-versed in the laws, regulations, and standards set by the relevant authorities, ready to advise and assist with any questions or circumstances that may arise during the project.

disponibles de forma permanente para nuestros clientes

Your legal support for your medicinal cannabis project

Certificados y lilcencias

Up-to-Date Certifications and Licenses

Obtain certifications and licenses in accordance with GMP EU, GACP, and ISO Regulations. We handle all the necessary documents for the launch and commercialization, ensuring compliance with the regulations established by the authorities.

Asistencia 24-7

24/7 Assistance

Our highly trained legal team is at your disposal, no matter the situation that may arise in the process. We are here to help you and provide quick and effective solutions.

Administrative Efficiency

We expedite the administrative process by coordinating and managing the necessary documents for your medicinal cannabis project. Our qualified team ensures that you have everything you need to move forward.

Cumplimiento de estándares AEMPS

Compliance with AEMPS Standards

The Spanish Medicines Agency sets standards and requirements that must be met. We ensure that every detail is in order and that all relevant documents are properly managed so that you can proceed with confidence.

Equipo transversal

Cross-Functional and Professional Team

Our legal team is composed of highly qualified experts in the field of medicinal cannabis. Additionally, our industrial platform is available to address any questions or inquiries that may arise during the process.

Transparency and Trust

We operate in accordance with Spanish and European authorities and work closely with the AEMPS. Our transparency and commitment to regulatory compliance allow us to provide you with the confidence you need to solidify your cannabis projects.

Legal consulting in the cannabis industry

Regulacion del cannabis medicional

Medicinal Cannabis Regulation

We understand the importance of staying up-to-date with legislative changes affecting medicinal cannabis. Our specialists work tirelessly for our clients to move projects forward, with good documentation and a strong technical team behind it, which is the key to success. This is why we never give up in difficult situations and always seek a solution while ensuring compliance with established regulatory and legal frameworks.

cultivo cannabis industrial

Industrial Hemp Cultivation: Regulations and Opportunities

Industrial hemp cultivation is legal and subsidized at the European level, but obtaining the necessary licenses for these crops is a complex task. That’s why it’s essential to rely on a team of experts in the field. In our industrial division, you will find a legal team of specialists who will help you meet the requirements of the AEMPS and the regulations necessary for obtaining the license.

Normativa cultivo cbd

: CBD Cultivation and Legal Regulations

We are knowledgeable about Spanish legislation and the possibilities offered by the CBD industry and its derivatives, both in cultivation and transformation. Our team will guide you through the steps and ensure compliance with the legal requirements for CBD cultivation.


Our Technical Knowledge in the Industry and Experience

Our legal team of experts in medicinal cannabis cultivation will assist you in obtaining the necessary license for medicinal cannabis cultivation, working with the guidelines and regulations of the AEMPS and current Spanish and European legislation. Our goal is to facilitate access to medicinal cannabis and contribute to the industry’s growth.

asesoramiento legal personalizado

Personalized Legal Advice

Our legal team provides personalized legal advice for each medicinal cannabis project, industrial hemp, CBD cultivation, or projects within the sector. Just tell us your case, and we will help you.

We tailor our solutions to the specific needs of each client, ensuring compliance with established regulations and legal requirements.

Creadores de negocio

Business Enablers

At CannaPro, we are business facilitators, meaning we are here to solve problems and provide optimal solutions. Our legal team is always ready to help with any legal questions or situations that may arise, ensuring a smooth development of your project. We help you minimize your concerns.

Our Commitment

Our commitment goes beyond the office space. We are here to provide immediate assistance whenever our clients need it. We ensure that we are always by your side at every stage of the project and beyond. Request your first free meeting to present your idea and what you need; we will help you plan and provide guidance to help you achieve your goals. Request your first free meeting to present your idea and what you need, we will help you with the planning and advise you to get where you want to go.

Request your first free meeting.

If you are ready to boost your medical cannabis project with the Legal Division of CannaPro. Contact us now! Request your first free meeting and tell us your project and what you need. We will make you a tailored proposal and a first assessment of the project, this being the first step to revolutionize your medicinal Cannabis project.

At CannaPro, we are committed to the growth and success of our clients’ projects, and that is why they continue to trust us every day to carry out their commercial representations and the development of the next phases of large medical Cannabis projects

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